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The story of Greenlines Gardenware, the home of FormBoss™… the original and best metal garden edging system on the market today!

Hailing from the Netherlands Gerry’s parents brought Gerry (the owner of Greenlines) and his younger brother Peter to Australia when the boys were five and six years old.

Being an intelligent and very hands on guy, Gerry’s father Coen started a rose farm in Healesville, Victoria to support the family and raise his boys.

Ten years on, the family experienced some further expansion with the arrival of Conrad, the youngest member of the family.

As Gerry’s passion for gardening grew, he was also nurturing his passion for invention, trying his hand at a number of different inventive exploits. One thing led to another, and the first patent was lodged with a new style of metal garden edging – FormBoss™; the flagship product and Gerry’s first big hit.

So started the story of this now famous metal garden accessories company, Greenlines Gardenware.

From the teen years

In his late teens Gerry started dating Lisa (1989) and a number of years later Bradley their eldest child came along.

Marriage followed soon after cementing Gerry’s young family. During the first few years they all lived in a caravan with annex at the back of Gerry’s father’s house on their 17-acre property in Healesville. 

Gerry worked full-time on the rose farm where they were starting to raise their young family. Lisa (Gerry’s wife) recalls with perfect clarity the incredibly loud foghorn the old sawdust boiler used to make, waking all & sundry in the neighborhood, (usually at least twice a night, at some godforsaken time in the morning). Gerry would have to attend to it, in order to regulate the temperature in the large greenhouses where the roses grew.

Using his inventive nature from the beginning, Gerry setup and maintained some alternative heating methods to help the roses grow for the cut flower industry. He started with sawdust, then coal and ended up with using sump oil!

Although he didn’t like maintaining the heaters, it was a lot better than sorting, bunching and selling the roses himself.

In 1993 the family moved to Woori Yallock where Jordan was born and Tarryn followed close on his heels in 1994.

Gerry remained working at the rose farm throughout this time however, his thoughts were often not on roses alone… he was always thinking of ways to improve the business. He often struggled to convince his father of many of the proposed changes; as Coen had been brought up in Holland on a similar farm and leaned toward the conservative.

Gerry did manage to obtain a drying machine in the latter years of his time on the farm and was slowly but surely building a clientele for dried floral products.

During the turn of the century (1999-2000) Gerry’s father sold the rose farm and settled into retirement, leaving Gerry without a job in the family business which he’d been working at full time straight out of high-school.

This was a very difficult time in Gerry’s life and had a large impact on the events in the years ahead; when Gerry’s marriage broke up, he lost his long-term job and became a very lost soul.

Through a generous and caring friend’s monetary involvement, Gerry was offered a second chance in life and business; beginning his creative streak again, launching a new business idea “FormBoss™” in his home garage in Croydon (2005). He saw a niche in the garden industry and from a simple concept Greenlines Gardenware was born.

Brad, Gerry’s eldest son began working with Gerry from this new beginning; part time helping his dad in the garage.

Around the time Brad finished school Gerry’s business moved into the original ‘FormBoss™’ factory.  Between Gerry, Brad and a few other employees they worked incredibly long hours, both during the week & all weekends, to get FormBoss™ off the ground.

The accident that almost destroyed Greenlines and the FormBoss™ story!

In May 2007 Gerry had a terrible motorbike accident that resulted in 24/7 pain management which culminated in an accidental overdose to methadone in early 2010.

At this time the doctors advised the family to get around Gerry to ‘say goodbye’, as they did not expect him to last the night. Gerry spent 5 days in ICU, before they moved him into the mainstream hospital, physio and, defying all odds, made a full recovery!

The story continues…

Throughout all of the events unfolding as they did, Greenlines Gardenware and its main product ‘FormBoss™’, was managed by Brad and some of the staff that had been there since the beginning; and it continued to grow year on year into a flourishing business and the market leader that it is today.

Gerry firmly believes that the value of people’s lives is more important than how much money you have in your pocket, and in sharing rather than hoarding.

Many lessons have been learned through this family business and one more recent lesson, that family must come first, above all else. In 2017 Gerry and his ex-wife Lisa lost their eldest son Brad unexpectedly. This rocked the family and business and served as a reminder that life is too short. 

Over the past 15 years, FormBoss™ has enjoyed a massive level of growth, employed a wide variety of people and served thousands of customers Australia wide.

Thank you all those who have supported us and to the many more that we will service and support over the years to come. 

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